Alumni and collaborators



Craig Murray (UC Irvine)

Craig's group uses a variety of laser-based spectroscopic techniques to explore fundamental atmospheric chemical processes. High-accuracy multi-reference theoretical methods are vital to fully understanding the results.
Murry Group website

Aloke Das (IISER Pune)

Our research collaboration is based on exploring non-covalent interactions. Aloke's group does this experimentally, typically using a supersonic jet expansion and REMPI spectroscopy. We help guide and interpret these experiments using cutting-edge quantum chemical methods, including Franck-Condon simulations.
Aloke Das Group website

Tony Legon (Bristol).

his collaboration combines microwave spectroscopy and theoretical calculations to probe the nature of halogen and hydrogen bonds.
Tony Legon University of Bristol staff site

Kirk Peterson (Washington State)

Grant did a postdoc in the Peterson group, which specialises in basis set development, composite thermochemistry and large-scale potential energy surfaces.
Kirk Peterson Group website

Hans-Joachim Werner (Stuttgart)

The Werner group are best known for ab initio method development, but they also have interests in the dynamics of chemical reactions and potential energy surfaces.
The Werner group website

Jamie Platts (Cardiff)

Grant did his first postdoc in the Platts group, which has a keen interest in exploring intermolecular interactions and studying pharmaceutical compounds.
Jamie Platt's Cardiff University staff site